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Bodyline tip! Get bodyline orders for cheaper!





Miss the old bodyline prices? Well there is a way to knock down that final price of yours, even if only a little bit.

1. First head to the english bodyline website, like you would do normally

2. Pick what you want, add it to your cart - like you’d do normally! 

3. Now instead of going on your way and paying, head to the top of the page:


Click Japanese Yen.

4. That’s it! Click shopping cart and pay as you normally would. 

Now if you want to know what the price comes to I suggest using paypal’s currency converter to convert the yen into your currency. 


I added $87 worth of bodyline to my shopping cart, according to them.image



With airmail you will save a total of $20.52. You’re basically getting free shipping and then an extra ten dollars back!

With EMS you will save a total of $25.89 That’s like getting EMS shipping for airmail’s prices!

I’ve used this technique myself and it works.

Happy shopping!

If only I’d had this the 400 previous times I’d ordered from Bodyline. ><

Holy fabulous shopping tip, Batman! If only I had money, I’d hop on a couple of the items I want from them.

I just tested it out and holy crap! Why does that happen? =O

Hey everyone! If you order, or are thinking of ordering, from Bodyline JP be SURE to use this yen trick! It seriously saves you SO much money.

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