u wake up on christmas morning and go downstairs, full of excitement. somebody is stealing all of your christmas presents. it is jesus. “its my birthday, not yours” he hisses menacingly, then runs away with all your gifts in his arms

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sometimes I just miss my childhood so much
and the freedom to make mistakes that I no longer seem to have

it’s not cute when I’m dumb now, it’s just dumb.

How I’m spending my afternoon ;3; (Taken with instagram)
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Posting this on my phone to look busy to avoid human contact on the bus ;_________; awkwardpenguin.jpg

tumblr is all like “i’ll tell you who to stop following” ;_; what a bully i need to get out of this realtionship

my *~*super kawaii*~* dashboard theme stopped workin when i installed st00pid firefox 6.NO grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;______________; cries for 5947395739 hours

Does liking Best Coast a lot make me a hipster?


My eye is all puffy and itchy.
I think I’m allergic to my mascara.

I’m not having a very good day…

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