my cat is so freaking in love with me omg i am living the DREAM

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Deer with Scarf by smutchy
magical hair song spell thingy | smutchy

i am beyond lucky to have Matt. i thank god every day that i didn’t end up with someone greedy or arrogant or selfish. instead i have a man that is always putting others before himself, always trying his hardest with everything he sets out to do, and always shares his entire self with me in wholehearted honesty. he respects me more than i deserve and he takes care of me better than i could ever reciprocate. i only hope i can one day give him everything he gives me. he is my best friend and my most intimate lover and nothing can ever break the bond we have. our fingers will always be intertwined through thick and thin. i know with the deepest realms of my heart that i will never love another stronger than I love Matt.

smelling like the person you slept next to when you wake up

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streeetccchhh nyah~
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this is my cat goose wearing fashion

daily reminder that yew are a loser oops

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