I thought The Scream by Edvard Munch needed a little kawaii in it’s life so I did a thing! ✨💕🎀💕✨

Yummy Tart~! - Sketchfu

I started using Sketchfu again because my Photoshop is gone ;_;

Hey everyone, good news. Use this link to buy crap with my art on it and you’ll get free shipping. Help a brother out, yo! <3

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So I opened a society6 shop~ You really don&#8217;t make much of a profit on this site so I guess this is just sort of a test for me. But yeah, check it out, you can get my art as prints, stretched canvases, iphone cases, shirts, and more! Thanks for the support to all of my friends~! :3
Deer with Scarf by smutchy
when I&#8217;m really bored I draw old fashioned Asians
when I&#8217;m bored I draw ladies with waterfall hair
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[ x ]
my current background made by me ^ 3^
artistic homage to boxxy ok this is art ppl pls
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