NASA’s interpretation of Galactic Alignment - This will take place 12.21.12It doesn’t really hold much significance, but it is a rare occurance where the solstice point on our Sun (or the exact center of the Sun as seen from Earth) is lined up with the exact center of the galactic equator. The galactic equator is projected to run roughly through the middle of the Milky Way, a dark band often refered to as the Dark Rift. Though it’s not ACTUALLY a rift, this alignment is one theory to be what the Mayans were refering to with the event that will happen on 12.21.12. The winter solstice moves about .01 degrees every year and so it completes a full 360 degree movement every 26,000 years, which is the point it will fall on the 21st! There won’t be anything spectacular to see and I highly doubt the world is going end because of it, but it’s a pretty cool occurance to nerd out about :3