sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night because my cat is sleeping ACROSS THE ROOM and is snoring like a person -____________- wat

Artistic collage that represents my love for Gus. I am artist.

ugh my cats breath smells so foul and bad and he was sleeping on my chest and breathing in my face all night and now the breath smell is like embedded in my nostrils and all i can smell is rank cat breath no matter where i go or what i do and lord knows all i want right now is to be able to smell my clean laundry or my delicious lasagna but all i can smell is the stink of a cats mouth i think this is where i end it

And my main squeeze, Guppaji sir.
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here is a hipster picture of me and gus
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my cat is so freaking in love with me omg i am living the DREAM

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so we are working on adopting this sweet babbu to be gus’s girlfriend. she was a nameless stray that we found at the rescue shelter! only a year old matt and i think gus is around 7 and so technically, according to the dating age rule, he isn’t supposed to date any cat girl under 5… but whatevs, he got dat devil may care attitude anywayeveryone help me think of names for her that will go well with gusgus!
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we built gus a tower with the boxes we are supposed to be using for packing oops
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everyday gus gives me this look … … .
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