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jordan and brandon and max if you guys read this i miss our skype calls lets have one this weekend i also miss wow that’s all

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"Guys I think I forgot how to open these doors…"


"I just killed flameweaver!"
"Um who?"
"Flame…weaver …Kringle"


"Yah Houndmaster dropped them too"
"Which one?"
"Uh, Flamekeeper…"
"Who is Flamekeeper? I thought you said it was the dog guy."
"There is no dog guy!"
"Oh yeah, Houndmaster."


"He’s not the kinda guy I’d want to meet in an alleyway… with a strap-on dildo…"

Priceless moments in Skype~

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look at these potatoes even though they have different skin colours they are still friends we should all act more like potatoes

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I have the sex appeal of a potato

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