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i signed up for a korean website and this is the email i got omg i love this so much

Congratulation your member joining.

LUTS tilts the ear in demand and interest of the customer and we make LUTS culture together.

:: The case which will purchase the goods with the member ::

It is not a necessity which will input information of the member always.

The member is a possibility of receiving the annexed service benefit of the various event and point and the mail ring back.

Maybe IT comes [ Modify ] of the topmenu which when forgets a ID or password IT guides rightly.

:: The member in order for the ID and password not to be exposed to the others.

we thank with sincerity. More the possibility becoming the service which is convenient in order to be and IT will endeavor.

While site using which will drive recommendations or the inconvenient fact is contacts controls at any time quickly as the head office.

Thank you.

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