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Thanks to anyone that helped, Mahou Showtime hit 100 likes today on Facebook!! <3 Please continue to follow us as we progress into a respectable idol group!!

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I am so pumped about this season of Love! Live!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Gonna have to learn that new ending dance too~!!

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except I hate when the weather channel app tells me it’s gonna be cold and dry this week and then this morning they decide it’s actually going to be really warm and rainy but then this afternoon they are like wait no I think I’m gonna stick with cold and maybe I will add a chance of snow because whatever. I just want a commitment for goodness sake!!!

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just really happy.

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wat kind of irony is this that i got my mensies on women’s day hooray for my monthly shedding of uterin lining! loses all my followers

dat ice crown citadel doe

i was thinking about the series finale of seinfeld and i started crying what is WROoOoONG WITH ME?!?!?

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