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My friend said something to me the other day about how she wished there were cheats in life like there was in The Sims, like typing a code and having unlimited money. But I thought about it and, yeah I remember using the cheat codes and making a giant house with amazing furniture and stuff, but I would also set the house on fire and take away the doors when the family tried to escape… So what does that say about a world where everything is just handed to you? If God or whatever is as cynical and easy to bore as myself I think it might be better to just have to deal with the relative struggle than the consequences of an easy life. Also I’m drunk so I’m not really sure what I’m saying right now lol but hopefully it’s a thing.

being a cat lady has a stigma but I really feel like it would be a better thing to happen in my life right now.

here’s what I look like when I forget to shower for three days because I’m addicted to Bloody Roar 4.
think I’m happy again
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My humble waifu collection. 
Two more scales on their way!

Roller coasters are made to be exciting by being made to be scary. If you never ride one, you’ll only ever know the fear and you will never get to feel the excitement that bubbles to the top of your throat right before you go over the big drop. I guess it’s a matter of opinion as to whether it’s better to live comfortably in fear or to run head first into it. But I don’t think you can know until you at least try.

Gus packed himself for me to take home ; ~; sorry buddy…
last day first day
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My birthday is Friday but I was lucky enough to celebrate early with a very special person the other day. 
I will be officially changing my entire life over the weekend of my birthday and I’m really nervous and frightened, but just knowing that I have people in my life who love me and want to be there to support me really gives me courage to follow through with this. 
A special thank you to Kitten for giving me such kind words on here. It hasn’t gone unnoticed and it certainly hasn’t gone unappreciated!! ❤️ 
I’m ready for this.