FrIdAy FrIdAy gonna get her done on FrIdAy!

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So I think I’m going for it. My life is about to get really interesting… That could be a good or bad thing… :| but I’m going with the “say yes to everything” Charlie and Dennis lifestyle.

tonight my plan is as follows: get drunk, take off all my clothes, play wow, pass out watching the office. I have had enough of CoMpLiCaTeD bs and I have had enough of today.

Jebus take the wheel!

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I don’t know where this is going. Lord beer me strength.

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work bitch is seriously the most motivational song ever

I take that back. The MOST awkward moment I have ever witnessed was when Jim walked in on the daycare man using the training potty. That was just the worst.

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"complicated" is probably my least favorite word ever and yet i always seem to have to use it

The most awkward moment that I have ever experienced in my life was when Jim accidentally announced Pam was pregnant before the wedding and offended Meemaw and Michael tried to make it better but he only made it far, far worse.