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This is gonna be a rant based on my last post, so get ready.
Recently I have grown kind of sick of hearing how My Little Pony “can’t possibly be meant for girls because it is so good”. I don’t think males can watch the same GiRlY show and get the same meaning from it as females. When I watch MLP, I see it as a metaphor for girls who are judged only by their talents, abilities, and praised for their uniqueness - a perfect world. This is what makes the show quality for girls of all ages - we can all relate to that message and young girls can idealize that as the way things should be. To compare it to other common TV tropes seen in “girly” shows, we never see Rarity being mean simply because her beauty and possible riches cast her into that role. We never see Applejack being picked on because she is a tomboy and doesn’t fit the standard female mold. What is more, however, is that we never see these girls pitted against each other and losing control of their lives over men. These are unfortunately all too common themes in “girl” TV and other media. Perhaps the Brony community only takes to MLP BECAUSE it is this way and that makes it easier for them to relate to. When a boy watches a show (let’s just use Degrassi as an example here) where a girl is confronted with bullying by her other female peers because she had sex, he can’t relate with that girl and so he can’t find interest in the show. But when a boy sees MLP he sees the action, the powerful heroes, the cuteness of the ponies (ever wonder why there’s so much sexualization in this fandom?), and the intelligent plotlines - this is what he is used to in media geared towards him and so he is engaged (“there’s no way this was made for girls!”). When a girl watches MLP she sees a fantasy world where women are strong, women can be heroes, women can unite together and ignore their differences, and most of all women are not judged for anything but their abilities. And unfortunately for now, that’s where these ideals remain - in a fantasy world that young girls can only dream about. I’d be interested  to see how many Bronies can actually relate to that. So with that thought in mind, I can definitely assure you that this show was in fact made for girls and if you can’t see that… then you’re probably not a girl.

You want to stand up for women in culture, push for better quality in womens television and media? You listen, and understand why you don’t like the things you have been told not to like, listen to the women who have liked My Little Pony all along. Don’t kick them out of your fandom after you invade it, just like everything else they like, and then tell them that they don’t ‘get’ why Pony means so much.

You put ‘girly’ things in your own media. If it’s not less, where are our action heroes who wear makeup? Where are our spy movies that revolve around a salon? Why aren’t you slugging any person, on screen or otherwise, who uses masculinity shaming (“You’re GAY if you like that, bro!”) to police what someone else likes? Why do you stand idly by and not include things you profess to accept and even like into your own media and culture?

When the cultures of what is ‘OK’ for men and women to like and watch on TV are the same, I know we’ll have a little progress made.

But until then? You’re part of the problem. If you want to stop being part of the problem, you work your ass off to solve it. Because you’re in power. And you have that privilege To push us down and take our toys, or to let us share them with you, as equals.


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