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i honestly have no idea how bitcoins work how do you mine them? i don’t understand

u could start by running to the room of the three gargoyles. push in the right tongue and a door might lead u down a staircase into the wall climb. here u must choose yr next path. u could race up to the observatory, spin the sundial, and pass into the room of the golden idols. once there, push down on their faces to release the doors that may take u below or lead u into the shrine of the silver monkey. assemble the statue there and u may be headed for the torch room. if the elevator is up u could jump into the elevator and ascend into the mineshaft. u might climb up the ladder or plow thru the stone wall. find the key and it may unlock the tombs of the ancient kings, allowing u to climb into the spider’s lair. if u escape, u may have a chance to sit upon the throne of the pretender. if the correct door is unlocked, u will be able to crawl into the pit of despair and finally make yr way thru the cave of size back to the temple gate. the choices r yrs and yrs alone. good luck.

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i had a dream last night that i was taking a hot shower inside of a giant block of ice and it had a window in it and outside the window was a giant ship headed straight at me and when i thought about it again this morning i realized that i was the iceberg that sunk the titanic and i started crying what is WRONG WITH ME????

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I’m waiting in line at Walmart and I watched a child pick a penny up off the floor and eat it these people are savages I feel like I’m in the wild


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2 words: shahid kapoor