and some funky girl i drew
here is a yummy tart i drew
So I opened a society6 shop~ You really don’t make much of a profit on this site so I guess this is just sort of a test for me. But yeah, check it out, you can get my art as prints, stretched canvases, iphone cases, shirts, and more! Thanks for the support to all of my friends~! :3
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hey people if you like dolls or my little pony or toys or kawaii miniature stuff then you should follow my other blog too :’3 tanx

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I remember sitting next to you.                    It’s just a little thing; I’m not even sure why I remember it so clearly.

It was your last night in town and I had been avoiding you recently. Though, for some reason, I felt closer to you than I had previously.                   So, you finally cajoled me into inviting you over for a while to watch TV with me. I thought you might get bored, but you talked to me like we did the summer before.

I remember laughing and I remember you laughing. We talked about the future, mostly.                           You left the rest of the soda for me on the table; I found it later and smiled. We sat outside on the stoop and said more thoughtful things there.

We both stood up and said goodbye. I turned and placed my hand on the door and you hugged me. It was one of those surprising hugs from behind that you can’t escape. I dropped my hand, turned back around, and hugged you back. 

And we didn’t say anything to each other and I went inside and I secretly watched you drive away. That was the last time I saw you.

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Yep… Nyan Blub.

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